We are proud to be a small, local, honest, family owned and operated company that enjoys delighting customers.

Based in Angier, NC since we started over 20 years ago, our great reputation (5 Star Reviews & BBB A+) comes from our good work, a great product, and how we handle problems.

In comparison, all of our “local” competitors are branches of out of state businesses which means when you have a problem you complain to a call center in Ohio, or Pennsylvania, etc. and wait for weeks, months or forever for someone to fix the issue.

When you put your trust in Peak Performance Gutter Protection it’s the owner of the company who personally installs the Arrow Gutter Guards on every job.

We know the reputation of our company rests on every job. If there is a problem after install, we come back to fix it.

Arrow Gutter Guards installed by Al will solve your problem and we guarantee you will be happy you chose us. Caring for our customers is how we became one of the top five Arrow Gutter Guard dealers in America!


What Else We're Passionate About

We're a strong believer in giving back, and that's why Peak Performance are committed to helping those less fortunate.

Since our business is water related we wanted to donate a portion of our profits to help the charity Love Abounds Ministry which helps build wells so that the people in Zambia can get access to safe drinking water.

The charity's goal is to install at least one well per year in Africa - with one well providing fresh water to at least 1800 people.

Happy Customers